Who We Are Giving To

MISSION STATEMENT of Dolls for Daughters:
To support underprivileged children and their families in Colorado by providing toys, food, and more during the holidays, school supplies and clothing during the school year, and assisting families through community outreach, financial planning and professional support.

Dolls for Daughters was founded in 2007 after Jessica Bachus’ daughter Kenzi was stillborn at 24 weeks. Overcome with grief, Jessica felt compelled to channel her emotions into something that would honor Kenzi’s memory. With this notion, Dolls for Daughters was created so that Jessica and her family could provide dolls to young girls at Christmastime who would otherwise go without.

Jessica collected more than 150 dolls the first year. Since then, Dolls for Daughters has come a long way. In 2008, more than 500 dolls were collected; in 2009 1,100 and the year Dolls for Daughters and Kenzi’s Kidz became a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. In 2010, more than 4,000 dolls and toys were given away to many Denver families. In 2015 Dolls for Daughters provided toys and more to 5,703 children in the state of Colorado. Since 2007 more than 26,700 children in Colorado have been given toys and more from this program.

In 2010 Dolls for Daughters expanded its outreach by launching Kenzi’s Kidz, a program that helps relieve the financial burdens of low-income families who are taking the necessary steps to create a stable environment for their children. Kenzi’s Kidz gives the children in these families fundamental items such as school supplies, clothing, extracurricular activities and birthday and holiday gifts for a year. Kenzi’s Kidz currently sponsors 5 families a year.


We are dedicated to launching under-served students on a pathway to success in life by enhancing academic achievement through expanding knowledge, forging character, and providing service to others.

The mission is accomplished in partnership with the Denver Athletic Club in downtown Denver and the Vickers Boys and Girls Club located in an area where students and families have a great need for opportunities, support and resources in order to realize success in life. DAA also partners with the Denver Scholarship Foundation for assistance with college preparation and application.


DAA’s founders, Simon Peter O’Hanlon, recognized the need for children from neighborhoods he grew up in to experience academic enrichment, have access to sports training and be involved in service to others. Mr. O’Hanlon and his wife, Cindy Van Cise, embarked upon a mission of fulfilling these needs and established the Denver Achievement Academy. Each student will have a dedicated tutor along with access and opportunities that position them to be realize academic achievement and sports for life experiences.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are trained volunteers from the community who speak up for the best interests of children in the courtroom. Children helped by CASA volunteers include those for whom home placement is being determined in the Dependency and Neglect Court filings. Most of the children are victims of abuse and neglect. Advocates for Children is the CASA agency in Colorado’s 18th Judicial District advocating for children in Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, and Lincoln Counties. Advocates for Children’s mission is that all children live and thrive in a safe, permanent, and nurturing home.

CASA volunteers are appointed to a case by a judge and the volunteer’s goal is to provide a carefully researched background of the child, as well as information based on an investigation of the child’s current needs, to help the Court make a sound decision about the child’s future. Each case is as unique as the child involved! The CASA volunteer must determine if it is in a child’s best interest to stay with his or her parents or guardians, be placed in foster care, or to be freed for permanent adoption. The CASA volunteer makes recommendations regarding the child’s best interests, including placement, to the judge, and follows through on the case until it is permanently resolved. They remain assigned to a child for the life of the case, and are often the only stable factor in what can be a frightening and difficult ordeal of trials and placements for a child in the court system.

YEA’s vision is that every youth shall have a stable environment in communities offering empowerment through educational and economic opportunities in order to grow and become positive members of a vibrant living community.

YEA’s mission is to serve young adults, in breaking the cycle of generational poverty in Denver communities by gaining personal and economic stability through education, arts, technology and employment training.

Stedman PTA
Our Vision:

To strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and social environment of Stedman Elementary.

There are two exciting things that the PTA is working on:

1. Funding to Support our School Counselor: We have a fantastic play and arts-based counselor whose position we need to continue

2. School Supply Fund: Due to budget cuts, we are in need of support for our general supplies fund.