Our Work

Havens Nest reviews charities in the Denver metro area who focus on serving children. We verify their legitimacy and potential for life-changing impact. We then create meaningful partnerships to promote their causes with our donor base and raise awareness for a specific project in a quarterly cycle. Supporters may designate a specific project to fund, if they so choose.

Our Mission

Our MissionHavensNest_Bird-WH

Havens Nest is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the mission of identifying, promoting, and supporting select charitable organizations that benefit children across the Front Range region of Colorado by raising awareness to prospective donors.

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Our Hope

Our HopeHavensNest_Bird-WH

Our hope is to shed more light on organizations whose work is changing the future of tomorrow’s generation today. We are Havens Nest: champions of charities for children.

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Havens Nest Board of Directors

Jeff Wren

Havens Nest founder Jeff Wren is Wealth Manager at Trilogy Financial Services in the Cherry Creek area. He has previously served and contributed with 35 different charitable organizations and launched Havens Nest in late 2015.

Dr. Kari Jeske

Dr. Kari Jeske is a Doctor of Chiropractic Care based in the Denver area. Her heart for  children is evident in her passion for pediatric certified care. She has an extensive track record of supporting over 15 various charitable organizations.